We provide a varity of musculoskeletal services to get you back on track living a healthy normal life.

Online Physio Consultations

To maintain the safety of all our patients and staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our face-to-face clinics in Auckland are now closed - But we are still here for you!

Our specialists are still on hand to offer the same expert advice and support to keep you on track with your rehabilitation via online video consultations.

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Acupuncture and Dry Needling are traditional Chinese treatments that work to reduce muscle tightness and pain. By encouraging blood flow to promote natural healing, you can instantly improve your general wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

The team at Mt Roskill Physiotherapy are experienced and licensed Acupuncturists that live by the highest safety standards for all of our patients (all needles are sterilized, stored properly and disposed of immediately after usage).

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Whether it's a sports injury, deep tissue massage, strength and conditioning training or post-operative rehabilitation, we've got you covered.

With access to a fully equipped gym, we will work with you  execute a personalised treatment plan, designed to reduce aches and pains and improve your functional strength to get you back to 100%.

Functional & Return To Work Programs

Are injuries and bodily pains stopping you from doing your job? Come and visit us.

In conjunction with ACC and other rehabilitation/insurance providers, we'll work with you to design a personalised 6 week return to function programme to get you fit and back to work.

Corporate Services

It doesn't matter if you work in a trade or an office all day, physical and emotional stresses can contribute to harmful injuries and fatigue.

At Mt Roskill Physiotherapy, we can perform a thorough assessment and provide you with a specialised treatment plan to ensure your working at full capacity while remaining pain and injury free.


Lower Back and Neck Pain
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Sports Injuries
Muscle and Ligament Strains
Fractures and Avulsion Injuries
Cartilage Damage
Sciatica & Nerve Pain
Joint Stiffness
Bone Spurs
Acute and Chronic Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Occupational Overuse
Pre and Post Surgial Management
Inflammatory Disorders
Postural Dysfunction and Muscle Imbalance
Gait Dysfunction
Vestibular Dysfunction including BPPV
Work Injuries

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