Can I see a Physio without a GP’s referral?

Absolutely. Mt Roskill Physio is ACC registered so we can lodge claims and fill out the necessary paperwork at our initial appointment. During your initial appointment, we will let you know if you need to see a doctor or specialist.

What is ACC?

If you have sustained an accident or injury you are entitled to submit a claim to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). An accident must be a sudden incident or event that has happened at a certain time and place. ACC will cover most injuries that have occurred at home, the community, the work place, plus recreational and competitive sports. 

ACC will cover the cost of some of your treatment – however, a co-payment is required at every visit. Our Physio's can fill our any necessary ACC paperwork for you and also refer you for X-rays or ultrasound scans if required.

Does ACC cover the full cost of treatment?

No, ACC only pays for part of the treatment. All patients are required to pay a co-payment. Click here to view pricing details.

What if my injury is not an accident?

Mt Roskill Physiotherapy also provides treatments for private claims at a set cost. However, some private claims may be reimbursed by your health insurance provider (dependent on your policy). We can provide receipts yo help you with these claims.

Click here to view pricing information for private sessions.

How long is the appointment?

Our standard appointments are 30 minutes long for the initial appointment. Follow up appointments can be booked for 30 or 60 mins depending on the treatment required. Our initial appointments do cost slightly more due to the added administration required. Please arrive 5 minutes before your first appointment to complete some paper work and give yourself more time with the Physiotherapist.

Private sessions can be booked for 30 to 60 minutes depending on your injury or condition.

Where’s the nearest parking?

There is plenty of parking in the Mt Roskill Shopping Centre. Best available parking is opposite the Mt Roskill Medical Centre, next door to Snap Fitness.

At Tony Martin’s, you can park behind The Hub Cafe near the entrance to the gym.

What happens when I arrive?

Simply enter the main door and take a seat next to the Mt Roskill Physio sign. The Physio will come to greet you at the time of your appointment. For assistance, ring the bell on the Mt Roskill Physio sign.

Will my treatments be kept confidential?

Yes - 100%. Privacy and confidentiality are vital during your sessions at Mt Roskill Physio. Your physio notes and medical records will be kept confidential and will only be passed to other medical professionals with your consent.

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