Online Virtual Physio Sessions

April 9, 2020

MRP is excited to announce that we will now be offering Virtual Health Physiotherapy as part of our services!

Our physiotherapists have invaluable knowledge, experience and a wide understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Now with advances in technology we are able to share and educate our clients on management and rehabilitation for their injuries via Virtual Health communications.

What is Virtual Physio? 

Virtual Physio is the use of information or communication technology to deliver health care from a distance.

At MRP we strive to deliver the best virtual healthcare possible during times where face-to-face physiotherapy services are not available.

Why Virtual Physio?

Virtual Physio is important because it allows the client to stay on top of their injury during challenging times where it might be hard to visit your physiotherapist in person. 

Continuity of injury management and rehabilitation is vital. Unfortunately,not having access to physiotherapy can lead to a delay in recovery and may lead to chronic injuries. These can be difficult to manage, treat and may impact one’s quality of life.

The aim of Virtual Physio is to keep the client on track and accountable for their rehabilitation and recovery. Regular check-ins with your physiotherapist will help to progress you in the right direction and assist with achieving strength, mobility and fitness goals.

How it works?

  • To book a Virtual Physiotherapy session you will simply need to get in touch with one of our physiotherapists to set up a time which suits you. 
  • We will ask our clients to use the Zoom video conferencing application, which is free to use on both your phone or computer. Here are instructions for how to download the app
  • We will conduct a thorough interview to identify all your main concerns and problems and guide you through a process of self-management and education around managing your injury to get you back on track to full health.
  • After the Virtual Physio session has concluded you will receive a follow up email from our clinician outlining the next steps to take to support you with your recovery. 

For any questions around Virtual Physio appointments feel free to contact us at anytime!

Keep Moving, Be Kind, Stay Strong 

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Andrew Van Ross